WinMENTOR licence prices


download price offer (~350 kB)  

An estimated price calculation you can do here:



 Price Calculation 


  Total number of computers that will use WinMENTOR:  
   1. The main module WinMENTOR - variants

   2. Additional modules WinMENTOR


         Fixed Assets Salaries
          Cash Register      stations with a cash register
          stations with more cash registers

   3. Additional modules available only in extended version 


          Production  Expert
          Budgets (romanian version) Commercial
         Satellite                    number of independent satellite
         Restaurants              stations with touch-screen attached
          Auto Service             workstations
         DocImpServer          independent servers and satellites 







The price includes the following elements:


  • license application (right of use)
  • Posibillity of FREE updates for an unlimited period while
  • implementation services (installation, training, verification)


WinMENTOR software packages is registered at ORDA-RPC in 0175/2001 under number of certified 0616/2002. Application distribution is made according to OG 124/2000. The Economic Soft Consulting Company is an authorized distributor of this software packages.


Atention! Calcuations are estimates and do not contain several elements that can change the final offer:

  • need suplimmentation with HASP key acquisition
  • calculation method is athypical for Payroll module (network case without Standard/Expanded)
  • necessity of Satellite module for remote access
  • real need of the modules chosen in the absence of extensive documentation prior)


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