Business profiles solutions



WinMENTOR work on the most specific business activity profiles:

  • trade and distribution
  • production
  • providing services
  • agriculture and animal husbandry
  • constructions and projects
  • practices of accounting, auditing and expertise
  • showroom
  • catering
  • budgetary units
  • pharmacies
  • transport

We point in this chapter some dedicated solution to specific activities.


1. Auto Service

Specific activities of automotive service shops can be traced with the help of WinMENTOR modules.



2. Restaurants 

Activity and bars and restaurants needs can be highlight by WinMENTOR Restaurant module.



3.Agriculture and zootechnics 


Agricultural activity (production and marketing of agricultural products) si zootechnics (animal production) can be evidenced in WinMENTOR and in additonal modules we offer.


4. Printing


The production printing involves specific ways about tendering and pre-calculated performed solved through a new application that intergrates with WinMENTOR. Production tracking and the post calculated is solved in WinMENTOR application.



5. Utility billing


Utillity services (water, sewer, weather, gas, sanitation) billed consumption resulting from population differences in reading meters indexes. We realised the EuroUtility application compiling indexes (manual or MobileUtility) and sending them in WinMENTOR for invoicing. Units that made including production (water pumping, sewage work, etc) we provides specialized solutions.



6. PVC windows production 


Specifics of insulating glass production activity can be configured in WinMENTOR.