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Software packages can be used by companies specialized in wholesale and retail, industrial and agricultural production, construction, auditing, accounting, catering, services, leasing agencies, offices totaling up to the moment almost 9.000 users accros the country.

WinMENTOR allows an unlimited numbers of record companies. For each company individually to configure the maner of accounting so that they are specific to it.

Exceending the notion of "accounting software", WinMENTOR focus on economic phenomenon, the actual transactions being input system. When entering data in the primary documents, the program automatically generates accounting records for these can be viewed imediately. Consequently, once the initial configuration was completed under the guidance of economic department coordinator, the program can be used even by inexperienced people in accounting.

System operation is coordinated by setting a no less then 650 constant, generally valid to all proccesing company(s) monitored, or individually valid users who can access the application. This results in a high of the system records both the particularities of the beneficiary firms and to invidual user preferances of people who work with WinMENTOR.