WinMENTOR demo



Demo version is equal to the real version. But, in absence of HASP key protection will allow a limited acces to system functionality.



                      WinMENTOR Win2000, XP si Vista                                                       Modulul Declaratii 

                             (~ 37.3 MB)                                                           (~ 5.1 MB)



                            Modulul Restaurant                                                              Modulul Service Auto 

                              (~ 4.7 MB)                                                           (~ 5.7 MB)


For installation instructions please download:


Password input in the application is "1". For testing the application please have in mind opening a new database (button "Company" -> Add). Demo database so created - in absence of software protection - will allow to introduce 5 items, 5 partners, 5 documents. Some facilities (working in foreign or profit centers, units, additional accounting types, configure new reports, graphics,...) are inactive. For a new test you can create a new database.


For help with installation/exploration please visit Home. In the Online Suport box enter the company name and yours, followed by a click on the departament you want to establish a link. Consultancy services for presenting and testing the system is free.


About WinMENTOR versions


Application versions are not variants with different features, but a time evolution of the same system. In this section we purpose to download version 510. Version history and latest version can be found through out this section of the site, evolution description in time of the facilities will be available in chapter DOCUMENTATIONS.

WinMENTOR benerificiaries have the right to download/install/work in any of these versions, right to up-grade the system version being offered free by the manufacturer.