With over 12 years of experience in WinMENTOR implementation and maitenance, our company is one of the major consulting companies in the country. Takeing into consideration the specific activity, consulting, we choose to develop a strong team with the head office in Cluj-Napoca, covering the entire area of Transylvania.


We support that we are INTEGRATORS and not just  distributors of WinMENTOR solutions, demonstrated by many "add-on"s and other solutions developed or implemented by our company.


 Soft Consulting use the international "remote" application ISL Online Support for its activity "Internet Assistance" starting with this summer, 2012.



Starting in 2010 we started to implement the WinMENTOR Enterprise system, the implementation team have 2-3 persons (1-2 persons for economic consulting and 1 person for technical consulting) projects beeing managed by a project manager.