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General Presentation 

WinMENTOR Enterprise ERP suite, made in Delphi visual programming environment on the Oracle platform was specifically designed for networking and remote. Database management can be made in any certificate Oracle operating system (Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris - the Server) while customers can work on computers with Windows operating system.


It is a package of application that benefit from the experience of over 15 years who gave a collective market in Romania a wishlist items to over 24.000 users today: WinMENTOR management applications packages. With its complete rewrite, the result is an ERP suite, mature and complete, designed to complement software product line of a manufacturer known for its active presence on market and effective implementation of all news in its products.





  • Oracle technology incorporated ensure optimal management and working at full speed, regardless of database size
  • set of implementation services associated with each sales program provides safe transition from one application to another with minimal difficulty
  • is possible taking over existing database in case of WinMENTOR users
  • both pre-implementation analysis and actual implementation are made with teams of specialists and through a nationwide distribution system, which allows covering all locations in the country, regardless of the number of users
  • permanent post-installation technical assistence with specialized personnel (through the Extended Support Program) provides certainty of application use to full capacity through the provision of maintenance (new versions, reporting "bugs") and remote technical support, but also through interventions at your headquarter, depending on the situation. Variants proposed for technical support are flexible and provide services to adept to the real needs of users.
  • program protection through hard key protection ensure complete independence because the programs are not linked by computer software protection system.


WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE is intended for use by companies specialized in wholesale and retail, construction, financial accounting and auditing records, food, services, pharmaceuticals warehouses, etc.


WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows recording and operating an unlimited numbers of companies (included or not in the same holding). Firms can be organized into distinct subunits. Work on subunits allows full "isolation" of a subunit within the firm. Each document belongs to a certain subunit. Users may have limited access rights to certain subunits and those who have special rights can see everything, regardless of the subunit.


WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows simultaneously access to the database of a large number of users, regardless of location (including abroad) on condition to provide a connection, even the low speed.


Software package is designed to be used even by inexperienced people in accounting, once the initial setup was complete under the direction of economic departament coordinator. When entering data in models of primary documents, the program automatically generates accounting records for these can be viewed immediately.

Using client/server technology based on Oracle database is a leading solution in the management of database.



WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE provides the possibility of introducing the chart of accounts on your company's specific. With these adjustments you can use analitycals on an unlimited number of levels. For each company separately can be configured the manner of the accounting records so that they comply with its specific activity.

The program automatically calculates the coefficient differences in the price catalog, automatically close the income and expenditure accounts, VAT accounts. For joint venture companies, the program provides a percentage distribution of income and expenses. Since accounting records are performed automatically, the program consits and their explanations. The accounting records automatically made by the program can be filled, possibly with different accounting notes (eg: for expenses, profit distribution, dividend tax, etc.). It is possible to optain a cumulative ballance for companies within a group.




WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE fully solve the stocks problem closely with the accounting records. Here are some features:

  • flexible decription articles, the possibility of using the attributes which can detail all the features of description; you can choose any time to transition from work without attributes to work with attributes and the lists of attributes that describe the article can be changed any time
  • separate subunits obvious, many quantitative value or global management of value
  • automatic downloading based on most popular management methods: FIFO, LIFO, CMP, specific identification
  • stocks lists is compact (for inputs with different prices for the same article doesn't create new positions in the nomenclature)
  • possibility of automatic registration of fees asociated for each stock item in hand
  • rapid identification of items in stock by using framing clases and attributes to characterize
  • use of multiple units of measure with automatic conversion of quantities and prices based on specified parities and can manage stocks of unit packing/storage
  • out the series, the warranty terms and expiry dates
  • calculating the coefficient of price differences for global record-value
  • description of multiple prices and use them according to commercial criteria
  • possible description of certain features, monthly intervals on the validity
  • definition of equivalent items and the possibility of using them in documents
  • can automatically update classifications of items for pharmacuticals according to the lists required by the Ministery of Health



All documents related to inventory records and specialized services is on models, looking similar to the standard forms. Possibilities:

  • input stocks or services invoices, shipping notices, purchase tickes, emphasizing the differences found in reception and printing of notes corresponding reception
  • imported inputs (DVI) and automatic calculation of import price with all its components (taxes and customs commissions, excises, etc...)
  • inflow from the production
  • outputs for consumption, with the automatic registration of specific consumption related to internal controls launched into production and printing consumer receipts
  • sales of goods or products from stocks or sales of services highlighed by salespeople with printing invoices or delivery notes
  • export sales with invoice printing
  • stock transfer items between management, stock changes (price changes registration, increasing or decreasing the stock, changing the characteristics of storage with printing transfer notes or dispach
  • invoices record related to inputs on advice from suppliers and bills drafted with the printable invoices corresponding opinions


WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE register any type of discount with the possibility of distribution on the price discounts from suppliers and automatic generation of sales discounts based on invoice value, the volume of transactions concluded with the client, the amount billed to a customer or invoice payment deadline. For all sales documents can track payment terms and penalities for late payment.




WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE gives the possibility to division in framing class according to current operating need for rapid identification of partners.

Software package keeps in partners nomenclature only one registration, regardless of the currency transaction or accounting type of partners supplier, suppliers of property, suppliers paid in advance, receipts in advance from customers, clients-bill drafted); depending on the model in which the partners is, whether is a supplier or a customer, the program identifies the accounting type to treate the case


  • all transactions related to partners (documents, payments, collection, offset) can be registered on the locations (working stations)
  • on loans to customers, WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE report the situation when an output document is exceeded the limit credit granted to a client
  • program allow automated discounts for each item of stock or service sold depending on the distance to the client, payment terms, volume of transactions recorded in time with a client or any discounts associated with the respective partner
  • may consult in any moment monthly and annuual sheets, of customers and suppliers in national or foreign currency, ballance of suppliers or customers, suppliers situation unpaid, or debtor customer
  • WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows working with external partners (they operate in foreign currency) and conducting clearing operation with third parties, based on minutes of compensation
  • the monthly receipts lists from customers allow chasing out the obligations on class settelment on partners or sales agents who brokered sales
  • payments and settelments obligations for partners can be made in a currency other than the one who generated the obligation






  • WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows binding payments and receipts of primary documents that led to the obligation of payment or collection. Currency payments and receipts are accompanied by automatic reccord of exchange rate differences.
  • highlight bancking operations in progess (drafts, checks, promissory notes, etc...)
  • fully manage the advances of treasury through payments, refunds and justify the amounts spent
  • offers the possibility of regulating currency ballances (House/Banck, Partners, Staff)
  • print the cash and banck register in Ron or foreign currency. Amounts under settelment can be printed separately for receipts or payments in progress emphasizing the actual or likely settelment date 





This module is aimed at users of cash register being interfaced with most types of such devices currently on the market. Given the continuous growth of these devices, please contact us for a complete list of typs of cash register consistent with WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE and to specify ways of working supported by them (off-line, on-line, expandable memory, keyboard emulation).

Main functions:

  • taking stocks of the administration that serves (from stock at the begining or afther the transaction receiving or internal transfer)
  • publishing the report "Z" together with the generation of effective monetary and stocks changes in WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE
  • providing sales report from the cash register at any time of day without interrupting the cash register operation or to influence in any other way their functionality
  • automatic registration in accounting of the money made




The module allow to track fixed assets and inventory items maintained by the company, automatic calculation of depreciation in the linear regim, accelerated or skimmed with visible results in the balace sheet immediately without intermediate steps.

Computing facilities: possibility of changing the duration of assets during the dumping cycle, possible revaluation of fixed assets depreciation and inventory value, change of framing classes, etc.



The module is designed for sales and marketing departament and provides the following specific features:

  • register of tenders received from suppliers and those complied for the client (the intervals of validity)
  • track of the orders issued to suppliers and orders from customers with proforma invoice printing
  • use special models for rapid preparation of documents: generating invoices, exit the subunits, transfers between managements and price changes
  • generation and processing of packages to deliver goods of the various documents but with the same destination
  • distribution packages evidence which offer the possibility to distribute the transport cost on articles
  • marking the positions in stock that you want to sale and garanting of special discounts for these
  • establish promotional articles and the possibility to give the discount automatically at their sale
  • evidence of commercial contracts with suppliers
  • evidence of acquisition contracts
  • evidence of leasing contracts
  • computer processing and printing of subscriptions contracts maintenance with customers
  • automatic billing of subscription contracts
  • computer processing and printing of commercial contracts with customers
  • computer processing and printing of sales contracts with customers in rates
  • computer processing and printing of leasing contracts with customers




Specific list of COMMERCIAL module:

  • stocks: reserved stocks, necessary products, critical stocks, stocks being exhausted, stock-expiry, non-moving stocks, stocks by age, inventory forecasting, stock rotation
  • customers/suppliers: clients top, suppliers top
  • stock movement: sales top, profit per items, sales by class of items, regular sales (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • profit on the invoice, on the client, on the agent... in Ron or foreign currency
  • debtors client on managemenet, on the articles or classes of articles
  • sales situation on agent, article, class of article and headquarters client
  • sales daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • sales and receipts traking of the suppliers
  • unfilled orders compared with existing stock






  • allows preparation of manufacturer, specific consumption of row material consumption for loading, labor, waste production for each stage of production, product or semiproduct
  • allows many variants of consumption for one product or semiproduct
  • allows stratification of labor on technological operations
  • technical operation have attached degrees of difficulty and a plan for each degree of difficulty
  • allows registration of some consumption with simultaneous processing of a lot of production
  • allow launch production by developing domestic production orders and generate daily and monthly production program



  • allow tracking of row material consumption and production achieved by developing automated chip consumption limit
  • allow consumption registration even in cases where the user deems it necessary to allow replacement of an row material with another row material equivalent
  • allows an automatic work way of composite articles based on an unique and specific consumption, generating automatically reporting consumption from production or from the invoices made out
  • allow attaching of a services invoice (processing to third parties) to an internal order of production
  • provides evidence of consumption differences between project consumption and consumption made
  • provides evidence on the state of work for each phase of production on each internal order or beneficiary
  • GANT chart of production launched
  • allows recording and tracking of production report for each employee labor production, team working, on internal order and technology opertions
  • allows automatic recording of unfinished production
  • allows the distribution of indirect costs on carrier costbased on some distribution coefficients
  • allow the development of postcalcul variants emphasizing the direct expenses (materials, labor, third parties collaborations) and indirect costs (at the sector level, general).
  • postcalcul variants makes the comparison between the predetermined price (pre-calculated) and production cost obtained post-calculated.





Expert module allows you to define and record an "another accounting", a management evidence based on receipts and payments (cash-flow evidence). The user can define his own set of elements needed for analysis (types of receipts and typs of payments, ~Charts of accounts), which can develop with the descriptors (multidimenstional analitycal) depending on the desired depth analysis.


Descriptors are values taken from catalogs application (Partners, Park Auto, Personnel Nomenclature, etc) or can be defined by user.


Analysis elements can be organized in one or more Analysis Centres (~Balance Sheet), that can be attach to one or more WinMENTOR databases (holding facility).


Data operation can be made in the moment of introducing them in the application (house, bank, settelment advance) through a double click on the frame.


Analysis elements can be attach expected values (forecasts, targets, budgets) and Expert module as data processing can offer a comparison of their actual achievements.



Note: modules COMMERCIAL, PRODUCTION AND EXPERT are available in  'Standard' and 'Expanded' version.





WinMENTOR Enterprise application DOES NOT have its own human resourse application, electronic timesheet and payroll. We can integrate without reserve one of these alternative that we offer:







1. Fleet evidence:

  • technical data

  • engine

  • load

  • specific consumption

  • correction factors specific consumption

  • tires

  • permits/documets

  • intervention plan


The application prompts the user through specific reports on the following events:

  • tires used
  • Licenses/documents expired (RCA, ITP, casco, medical kit, fire extinguisher, rovigneta, etc.)
  • Service need (distribution belt, oil, maintenance requirements, planned user intervention, etc)


2. Evidence of the journey

  • paths evidence
  • feed evidence
  • real consumption evidence adjusted by:
    • transported load
    • road category
    • favorable/unfavorable time
    • increase towing
    • air resistence
    • special equipment (climate, fridge)
  • route record




Order by ascending/descending values from any column, grouped lines by commom values from column, filtering terms of lists lines, automatic centralizing and other similiar operations can be configured by user according to the needs arising in the operation of software package. Listing - report module allows quick formatting multiple columns simultaneousely.


Lists can be centralized by specific columns (fileds) obtaining the specific lists which is generated faster. The list may be expanded in whole or certain groups to see its essence (obtained list).

In situation if the same list need groups, filtering and different configurations for responding to some certain requirements, the user can save variants of original lists so the module name will appear in the menu list at the same level as the original list delivered with WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE.

Reports have 3 ways of saving: local rescue, joint rescue and save in the repository list. When calling a menu list, if there are savings it is allowed choice of listing: new list generated on the spot, load the list of local rescue or loading common to all users.


Lists are created initially with a limited number of columns (fields). Depending of the specific activity are often necessary others existing columns in the database. These columns can be added by the user by choosing from a list of possible columns which are called additional columns.


The user can program the generation and/or print several lists (job list) to a specific date and time with a periodicity.



Some typs of lists that can be obtained:

  • accounting lists: trial ballance in Ron or foreign currency, on entire company or subunits, cumulative ballance on group of companies, register log of accounting records, analytical chips account, chess chips account, ledger, achievements on managements/operations in Ron or foreign currency, returns from joint venture, financial situations, etc.
  • VAT lists: purchases journal, sales journal, store register receipts
  • home bank list: cash and bank register (Ron or foreign currency), lists of payments and receipts under settelemnt (bill, check, promissory note), etc
  • stocks: lists of inputs from suppliers (including imports, with a detailed calculation of import price) or own production, consumption lists, sales lists, records, ballance inventory, management report, etc.
  • suppliers/customers/cash advances lists: suppliers/clients sheet, suppliers/customers ballance, advance sheet for settelment, unpaid suppliers lists, customer debtors, list of receipts from customers, lists of payments to suppliers.