WinMENTOR Enterprise license prices




A. Acquisition costs


WinMENTOR Enterprise prices are set according to an algorithm. In the absence of a feasibility analysis prepared together with the beneficiary any offer is considered to be estimated. The priceing will be taken into account three basic elements:


1. WinMENTOR Enterprise license prices


Are set according to:

  • number of computers that you want to run each module
  • WME modules neccessaryto beneficiary
    • MENTOR - base system: accounting, inventory management, partners and treasury
    • FIXED ASSETS - depreciation of fixed assets and inventory items
    • PAYMENT - payroll and employee management
    • MANUFACTURING - necessary functions for production activity
    • EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE - tracking all maintenance interventions
    • COMMERCIAL - necessary function for commercial activity
    • CRM - a Customer Relationship manager tracking each commercial contact with the client
    • ONLINE ORDERS - B2B application for taking orders from the internet from companies partners
    • CAR FLEET - fleet maintenance and ecquipment
    • IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standard
    • DOCIMPSERVER - connector to interface with other systems
    • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
    • SATELLITE - IT solution for working points without the possibility to internet connection at base
    • RETAIL / POS - based system simplified on elementary operations: billing, collecting the receipt, sale by cash register
    • CASH REGISTER - connection mode with technical devicesfor sale, regulated by low
    • CASH FLOW - management analysis
    • WEB REPORTS - a set of lists automatically executed, available on web
    • BI - Buisness Intelligence software connected with WME ERP
  • versions of modules required  (standard or extended)



2. Price ORACLE technology


If the beneficiary has the technology Oracle Standard Edition One 10g or later it, there is no need to buy new licenses. To avoid inconvenience of any kind caused by copyright violation, in case you have Oracle linceses (any type), to verify the legal contractual contact Oracle.


In case you don't have Oracle technology, purchase price of license will be included financial offer of WinMENTOR Enterprise system.


3. WinMENTOR Enterprise Standard Implementation


It's a service package worth 30-50% of the price of the license application, service package required to any initial or subsequent purchase licenses. In some cases complex implementation budgetshours offered in this way is not correlated with the need for services provided. In such cases standard budgetcan be supplimented with additional service packages.



B. Maintenance costs


At total costs (TOC) of an ERP project estimated maintenace costs are added to system on a sample time (is usually calculated on 3-5 years of use). In this category we can mention:


1. Upgrade fee and corective maintenance


Called by the producer "Extended Support" enetering into force after graduating from the implementation period, this package contain:

  • adaptive maintenance (new versions of the application) amounting to 11% of the license application
  • corrective maintenance (general development and correction of errors caused) amounting 11% of the lincese application in first year 


2. Oracle Support


It is mandatory for first year of use of Oracle technology and it is amounting 22% of theOracle licenses application.


3. Evolutionary maintenance


Is the general service subscription prepared with our company in one of the cooperation options offered.



C. Indirect or incidetal costs


Customizing the Standard bids on the specific needs of the society may mean completing or supplementing services to realize complex projects :

  • Technical equipment acquisition cost of the project
  • Commissioning and maintenance of technical endowment
  • Feasibility analysis (pre or post-contractual)
  • Additional schooling
  • Logistics costs (travel, accommodation)
  • Additional costs custom development
  • Add-on license application or complementary and service packages for commissioning them, for exemple:
    • payroll application "WinMENTOR Classic Payroll" (or other one)
    • application "Statements"
    • SFA application for agents "Memo" (or other one)
    • WMS application for handyman "Neoinvent" (or other one)
    • Business Analysis application or Business Intelligence (romanian version)
  • Cost of financing or financial advantage
  • HASP key insurance


Complete the application form offer to receive a  personlized preliminary offer who includes all costs elements!