About ORACLE technology



ORACLE is world's no.1 database technology. Point


Install both Windows and Linux server and Unix, ORACLE database are made in Redwood Shores, California, Statele Unite by ORACLE software company corporation whici has over 74.000 employees. 105.000 worldwide employees work for the company, that after Microsoft and IBM is the world's No. 3 IT technology. ORACLE database is considered to be the most reliable, scalable and secure global database, followed by DB2  (IBM), SQL Server (Microsoft)…


WinMENTOR Enterprise use the embedded techonolgyOracle database, ORACLE Standard Edition One 11g package. Although is the cheapest way of licensing Oracle (global price $ 180 per user) and limited to a maximum of two processors, is a hight class product, secure, scalable and reliable. Also, ORACLE technology allows to manufacturer rapid functional development of the system WinMENTOR Enterprise to the specific needs of the beneficiaries.


Most benefits from WinMENTOR Enterprise to WinMENTOR Classic is due to changing the IT technology used:

  • Referential integrity of data
  • large amounts of datas, unlimited number of users
  • possibility of rapid development