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The informatic solution WinMENTOR Enterprise (called WME), is an ERP application, developed by TH Junior Ltd Iasi In Delphi visual programming enviroment, Oracle Standard Edition One 11g the used databased. ORACLE is nr.1 in the world in database technology.


Released in 2009, after accumulating 10 yeras of experience with WinMENTOR Classic system and 15 yeras with MENTOR DOS program, the developers of the new WinMENTOR solution can be considered a reliable partner, capable of a safe and functional solution. Currently developed an an "enterprise" scale the most modules from WinMENTOR application (less the payment module). WinMENTOR similarity allows easy "move" the user to an other system. Start up database (catalogs) can be picked up by the provider from WinMENTOR Classic to WinMENTOR Enterprise.


Our company implements this applicantion since 2010.



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