Through Soft Consulting company we can provide you a suite of applications such as ADD-ON made by us together with our partners.



1. mSaveAll: automatic back up on DVD


Allows saving automatic and simultaneous multiple databases in WinMENTOR!

For more informations about mSaveAll click here. (romanian version)



2. Notifier: payment notices by e-mail or SMS


Notifier is an application, add-on, that automatically sends a notification either by e-mail or by SMS to customers who have debts to your company. This application work only with WinMENTOR software.

Details about functionality of this add-on you find here. (romanian version)



3. Loyalty applications: bonus points


Customers loyalty applications is based on bonus points and can be used by WinMENTOR users and not only by the 3 databases offered:

  • end customer (with WinMENTOR software)
  • products purchased (without WinMENTOR)
  • grid list of bonus points (with WinMENTOR)

Through this type of application the company can offer to its clients various bonuses: price discounts, quantity discounts, awards, etc...

More details about operations click here. (romanian version)



4. EuroUtility: for utility billing


This application is for those company that have as activity, in the form of subscription billing as public utilities (water chanel, electricity, gas) and is a complementary solution to the WinMENTOR system.

For more informations click here. (romanian version)



5. Antecalcul printing: offers editing and printing ordering


This Add-on, antecalcul, is special designed for typographys and calculated automatically based on informations taken from WinMENTOR an antecalcul production.

It doesn't work without WinMENTOR software.

More informations about this add, here. (romanian version)



6. Livestock farms postcalulation: swine, cattle, birds


This application is designed exclusively for livestock farms and it doesn't work without WinMENTOR sistem. 

Is based on performing a calculation to achieve a cost per head/animal comprising feed on, of live weight, weight gain, etc...

Details about the functionally you find here. (romanian version) 



7. ePrint: automatic printing of manuals and brochures at invoice


Is an add-on specially used in trade industry which automatically prints when an invoice is release the attached documents to the invoice or to that client.

More informations here. (romanian version)



And more other add-ons like: CopyWT, ImpPretNart, ChangePrice, LastPrice, etc... here. (romanian version)