Subscription services and utilities



WinMENTOR and the additional programs designed by our company can offer an ideal solution for an activity who provide services with fixed or variable recurring income.


Currently we have a portofolio of specific configuration and development providing companies with references in the following fields of activity:


  • Cable TV and internet
  • Newspaper, magazines and other publications
  • Accounting, maintenance and troubleshooting, various activity
  • Sanitation
  • Reading water metter channel
  • Read gas metter


Utilities contracts provide two type of components:


  • fixed (subscription type) - value doesn;t change from month to month
  • variables (type count) - value changes monthly according to consumption


Our solution provide a strict recordof contract and fixed components in WinMENTORand development (see eg from WATER-CHANNEL romanian version) custom integrated in WinMENTOR for variable components (provide processing indexes to metters or hours to provide services, number of incidents, etc. depending on profile activity).


Advantages of offered solution:


  • Automated billing of hundreds and thousands of subscription (fixed or variable components)
  • Various solution to track incomes (post slips, receipts by agents)
  • Computerized primary data (index counter, FAZ's, etc.)
  • Evidence of the validity of contracts




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