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WinMENTOR offer a complete solution for retail trade; further hightlighted the following:



  • is compatible with a wide range of cash register


  • allows different ways of connection: online, offline, keybord emulation


  • allows working with barcode scanners


  • inventories organized easy for adjusting the stocks and automatic generation of the documents to resolve the stock differences (records of the stock increase and decrease)


  • a helpful method for the acquisition process:
    • easy registration of incoming invoices
    • posibillity of establishing the differences found at the reception
    • view addition recorded with the posibillity to change the sales prices
    • generation minutes of price modification and to replace the available price for the cash register
    • report generation according to the need of labers barcode (can register in database which items must be labeled and which are allready labeled)
    • printing the barcode laber



  • calculates the products necessary in 2 versions:
    • based on some safe thresolders established (minimum and maximum stock)
    • sales forecasts (calculated the average daily sales, the user establish at each item how many days needs for supply, and the system notify as soon as the rate of sales exceeds the duration of the supply)


  • romanian product, 100% compatibile with romanian legislation:
    • generates and lists the internal reception notes, minutes for price modification, monetary
    • tax receipts recorded as document of discharge, but also allows to edit an invoice, without doubling the tax records
    • elegantly manage the units with mixed stocks on an en-detail unit and another one on en-gross unit
    • automatically records (without an user with accounting knowledge) the operations:
      • The user establish the acquisition and registration price (sale), and the system deduct the VAT not due and from the rest establish the commercial value profit. Print the NIR.
      • The user establish a new sale price, and the system propose the existing quantity in stock and the price difference from the old one its registers in accounts. Is printing a minut.
      • Monetary with accounts downloading. Sales are taken from the cash register (Z).


  • allows the global-value method, the quantitative-value or mixed method (on products departaments)


  • allows more legal versions of discharge


  • easy to use
  • management reports on more levels of group articles (eg. level 1: food and nonfood; level 2: sausage, bakery, cosmetics...; level 3: spray, detergents, ...)
  • daily sales reports, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • optimal solution for working with multiple stores (prices and commom stocks, individual)
  • capabilities for remote
  • WinMENTOR is a "best deal" for Retail activity 



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