Unique production



Individual (unique) production is characterized by producing a very large nomenclature of products in small quantities, sometimes unique. Repetition of manfacturing of products take place at unknown intervals or sometimes there might not even happen again. The equipment have universal specialization, and the staff is highly qualified to use them. The movement between jobs is made pice per pice or in small production batches, using vehicles with discontinous shift. Location of jobs in production departament in made according to principle homogeneous groups of machine..


Exemples of production batches which usually presents major unique production:

  • Printing
  • PVC Windows
  • Furniture



Unique production activity take place each time based on customer orders.


Steps to followed in WinMENTOR:


  • recording customer orders on time delivery promise to customer


  • establish (or not) a formulation (materials and manpowership necessary) for product (ususally work without)


  • recording an order to launch into production (to a date that allows the production fllow ) term of product development


  • view the status of orders (ordered/launched/total made/current month made/delivered/the rest comes/invoiced/paid)


  • recording the order consumption and production obtained


  • product billing



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The system allows to record the unfinished production, performing the postcalul on ORDER by allocatinf the indirect costs.


Due to impossibility of forming a product nomenclaturewith selling price, enterprises with unique production have trouble to establish the sales price. Depending on specific requirements we can make custom application for the customer calculation with unique production.



The PVC windows production can be optimally configured in WinMENTOR based on some documentation:



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