In series production



Series production is characterized by manufacturing a relatively large moneclature of products, regularly and in large batches, medium or small. The degree of specialisation of the enterprise or workplace is lower than the mass production typebe lower depending on the size of the batches. Jobs are placed by different criteria depending on batch size, so, for large batches, the jobs are placed on the criterion of technological lines, and for small batches homogeneous criterion group of machines.



The work is based mostly on customer orders related to manufacturer products lists. The execution tends to an optimization of their, considering the load of the machine, manpower resources and existing SDV.


General steps to follow in WinMENTOR are:


  • recording customers orders on time delivery promise to customer


  • attaching a formulation (materials and workmanship necessary, is posible to exist more versions per product) for product


  • recording an order to launch into production (a date that allows that allows the fllow of production) with term of product development


  • view order status (ordered/launched/total achieved/completed this month/delivered/rest of delivered/invoiced/paid)


  • register the specific consumption and the production obtained


  • billing product



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The system allows to register the unfinished production, performining the postcalul on ORDER and PRODUCT by allocating the indirect costs. Values resulting from the calculation of costs on product unit are based clues in the formation the prices for the next period.


With a strong dependence on beneficiaries orders and also an arsenal of products to offer, beneficiaries with series production we can offer a B2B or B2C application (virtual shop), internet sales portal for promotion automatically order collection in WinMENTOR system..

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