Mass production



Mass production is characterized by reduced production of nomenclature of products continuously and in large quantities, high degree of specialization both in employment and the enterprise, moveing products from one job to another is done piece by piece, or continously by using vehicles with contonuous flow. In terms of organizational jobsand laber have a high degree of specialization are located in sequence of technological operations form of flow production lines.



The pace of activity is influenced by the period estimates, on which is launched a stock production. The products haven;t a fixed final destination, they will be promoted through different channels of trade promotion.


Steps to followed in WinMENTOR in general are:


  • recording a production plan (daily/weekly/monthly/anual)


  • production plan can be printed and displayed in the production unit


  • attaching a formulation (material and workmanship necessary, is posible to have multiple version an a product) for product


  • for recording the consumption and production order optained


The system allows recording the unfinished production, product postcalcul performance by distributing the indirect costs. The resulting values from the calculation of costs per product unit determines the preset price production whici will be recorded next period.



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In certain branches of production, for exemple BAKERY, DAIRY products, the production plan it makes daily based on consumption estimated (stores, network distribution) daily.


In other activity, the daily plan depends largely on the abilityof equipment, elements of a charge or forcasts. For this kind of situation we recommeded the application Order Launch which register in WinMENTOR automatically all the documents needed (internal order, consumer bill, teaching note) based on "production report" introduced in application.



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