Trade distribution


WinMENTOR solution for distribution is a comprehensive one, complex, capture some important aspects of operating:




  • allows working with Warehouse Management systems (barcode sanners) in different ways, both for reception and for sales, inventories


  • properly accounts for all the documents found (invoices, notices on 408/418, minutes for inventories differences, etc) and offers you at any time a correct ballance sheet


  • allows different methods of discharge, FIFO, LIFO, PMP, IDS without series, IDS with series per piece, IDS with series per lor


  • fleet evidence (RCA expires, CASCO, ITP, strap distribution, oil exchange, required revisions), FAZ's, consuption, tires


  • allows working with secondary units, delivery methods, expiry, a number of additional features


Acquisitions, reception


  • control over suppliers orders - we can determine the moments when the suppliers delivery other products than those ordered, or other amounts, or practice other prices than the negotiated ones
  • allows reception on several management (deposits) of an invoice or notice 
  • allows to hightlighted the differences found at the reception


Sale, delivery


  • WinMENTOR is featured with"Wizard" for faster billing. This is so you can edit an invoice with a minimun operating
  • multiple outstanding invoice
  • allows to regiter the customers orders, the installment sale contracts or commercial contracts with regular delivery
  • connection with SFA systems (palm's, PDA's for agents) with regiters of orders or invoices, receipts (by data traffic in a GSM network)
  • allows working with agents, differentiated on stages of sales and earning
  • allows granting detailed fees to agents to the level of charges per item
  • encourages the formation of multiple price lists and discounts versions
  • can adapt to the ways of working required by supermarkets: billing on a special format, cods and names of special products
  • allows intergation with loyalty customers solution 




  • the existing of this module is considered to be a force component of WinMENTOR which allows registration of all methods of payment and collection and automated accounting 
  • payments/receipts in lei, euro, others currency with automatic currency differences, possibility of regularization
  • evidence of order tickets and checks
  • calculates the delay increases
  • allows different methods of customer loyalty depending of receipts


Reports in  WinMENTOR beyond the mandatory reports WinMENTOR dlivers a range of information necessary for taking a decission:


  • products necessary on orders, on safety stocks, on the sales rithm
  • sales and turnover on stocks/articles clases/article/clients/periode/documents in lei or currency
  • activity profit/profit center/client/supplyer/article class/document in lei or currency
  • agents reports/promotion categories/distribution ways



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