WinMENTOR offers to beneficiaries from this aria a series of advantages obtained through a minimal configuration of the system:


  • work on profit centers - profit center (the project) is the element that centralizes the incomes, costs, can have a stock and a manwork volume (hours or days worked) accumulated. In terms of financial, it can consolidate unpaid debts, invoices received and financial results at any time of the project.


  • WinMENTOR offers the posibility to work delimitation in the company's shares


  • postcalcul - the application allows a postcalcul with allocating the indirect costs on a cost carrier (costs center).


  • WinMENTOR can provide to the users all the reports to track status and return for a project:
    • planned values
    • executed values
    • values remaining to be executed
    • amounts paid
    • amounts remaining to be paid



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Our solution or the office processing solution can be optimized to collect information from venue actions :


  • WMS solutions - On PDA scanners for managing the storage yards servicing
  • MRP solutions - for building site based on tables for processing by crew leaders the work status
  • B2B solutions -  to provide online monitoring of works by statistics drawn (contract status) accessible via the internet to the beneficiary


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