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WinMENTOR, in colaboration with The body of Chartered Accountants (CECCAR) has produced several system

improvements so that it can be the ideal solution for the later one:


  • Wizard-ul (accelerator) developing documents allows processing accounting documents quickley and efficiently. The user sets the datas needed and the orderin the system, without the need to act with the mouse or pressing <tab>. Data processing was streamlined so that the user to record all the documents with a minimum of buttons pressed.


  • Multifirm - under this facilitythe user is not forced to announce sheet manufacturer or third party for opening a new database,and license application default cover the user right to work with any database.


  • Free updates - manufacturer displays on its wesite new versions of the system, and the users can download and update the database at any hour, without reporting material.



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  • Generous area of automated accounting - WinMENTOR is top local products about relying automated accounts. Beyond basic documents they account in all versions of records management (global-value, quantative-value with intermittent or permanent inventory acquisition price, wholesale price, retail price) and different methods (PMP, FIFO, LIFO, IDS), the application accounts automatically a number of other actions:
    • invoices (including leasing), opinions, enter or exit slips acquisition with differences in the reception or other nonconformingsituation
    • consumer bill, teaching notes, inventory records, transfers, the price changes
    • house, the bank counted with automated registration fee banking, currency exchange, cash advances, checks, promissory notes
    • payroll, assets, automatic closing of accounts 121 and 4423/4424


  • From automated accounting WinMENTOR provide an opportunity for users to set thei own accounting rules, from whici data handling  to happen in maximum security accounting even by person without advanced accounting knowledge.


  • Accounting outsourcing - both versions workwith ONLINE and through the OFFLINE (based on technology "Base-Satelite"), application allows to design a work network between company and accounting firm, "network" which allows the company based on some settings made by accounting body to be able to record alone the documents (invoices, inventory, ..., house, bank, documents that means 80% of the total work), so always have at hand the necessary business records (cash book, debt situation,stocks, orders, etc), and the accounting firm periodically connects to the same databseto make corrections (a series of reports in WinMENTOR 'hunt operating errors) and recording operations with accounting data (salaries, amortization, leasing, grinding, various accounting notes).


  • General area of application - WinMENTOR, through its configurability, all branches of activity offers some specific work routines; more offers to an accounting practice, opportunity to keep accounting, in some casses manager-accounting evidence to a wide range of business profiles. Some specific aspects of some activity profiles treat in this section of the site.



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