WinMENTOR Salaries



Payroll module tasks are related to personnel records, payroll and delivery information as required by law. 


This module allows the extension of personnel information with confidential classification of book works. 

Allows configuration of contribution, compensation, bonuses and deductions, which gives a degree of adaptability to user demands and changing legislation.

Integrated in basic product, WinMENTOR, the module allows acquisition of production achievement for salaried employees agreement, automatically calculating the wage index of achievement and provide data to calculate product costs.



Allows printing payroll, the flyers, bookings, record leaves employees, export and printing statements related to salaries: CAS, FNUASS, UNEMPLOYMENT, ITM; export wages on card in the format required by bank.

There is also the posibility to make automatic adjustment of income tax at the end of the year and to export the fiscal files on electromagnetic support .TXT.

Beeing an area where legislative changes occur frequently, keeo up to date Payroll application with the Romanian legislation. Payroll application can operate independently any other WinMENTOR module.


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