WinMENTOR Standard / Expanded



WinMENTOR suite offers you 2 versions of the system for accounting and management:


  • Extended version that includes all requirements described and is management version of the application
  • Standard version with limited facilities


Virtually only the Extended version gives you access to:

  • Generating new reports (with automatic integration in lists menu) and graphics
  • Currency reports
  • Payment terms and delay increases
  • Sales records on agents
  • Record profit activities (profit centers)
  • Balance sheet
  • Informations (offers) customers/suppliers, orders suppliers/customers
  • Intern manufacturing orders, specific consumption
  • Stock reservation
  • Multiple prices
  • Automatic billing discounts
  • Limit on credit sales to customers
  • Stock records series, expiry, quality certificates
  • Multiple or alternative units of measurement
  • Split itmes of stock, partners, management class characterization
  • Differentiation of stock items after attributes
  • Creation of composite articles, additional articles
  • Access to expert, commercial, production, budgets, restaurant, self service module



Don't choose the STANDARD version of the system due to lower price!

For a "30% discount" of price you will miss 70% of facilities.



Useful informations:


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