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Processing data from workstation, remote (those subunits, branches, deposits that are not part of the office intranet) have the following solutions for incorporating data into the company database.

  • Off-line method - by satellite module - which allwos processing in two or more database without internet connection and their occasional coupling
  • On-line method - without satellite module - internet access is based on both the office and working points and a way of connecting points in your corporate work.


1. Off-line Methode


Satellite module of WinMENTOR suite represents the off-line solution for remote data proccesing and includes:

  • instalation of WinMENTOR both at headquarters and at workstations
  • creating and initializing database at the headquarters as a unique database
  • create "satelites" in the application, ie remote subunits and attachment management, partners, items, units of cash, stocks, and balances on each site
  • create database "daughter" of database "mother" data synchronization with this, commissioning of the database "daughter" at the premises of the company
  • data operation (no restrictions) current (inputs, outputs, transfers, orderes...) of the sites by their employees and sending them occasional at the "base" (reference can be FTP, mail, CD/DVD, USB, practically every one file should be at headquarters)
  • downstream at the base and their coupling in the database "mother"



Satellite application successfully treated by a set of rules that will be aquired by the user remote data proccesing specific problems:

  • base modification to the documents recorded by satellite
  • change at satellite the articles and partners name introduced to the base
  • sending from base to satellite the receipts/payments made in company bank account, statements which are processed to the base
  • send electronic delivery notes between the base and satellites and between satellites firm


Satellite solution involves a set of restrictions on the working point (changing the chart of accounts, add accounts, etc...) restrictions that allows the use of the method between the company (as satellite) and accounting office (base) for a joint information proccesing accounting:

  • primary accounting data (invoices, bills of consumption... any receipts/payment) are processed at the company (satellite)
  • general accounts (salaries, redemption, ... eventualy cashing/payments..., specific operation closures month is processed in the accounting office (base)


Satellite module works in Satandard version (also not recommended), but it involves purchasing in network version on at least two workstations (one base and another satellite)



Useful information:


  WinMENTOR prices


2. On-line Method 


It represent the remote access method from a working point on server communication of the company, avoids using the satellite module and doesn't need any other licenses from the manufacturer.

The beneficiary has to solve the data access which requires:

  • existence of stable internet connections to all point of work (in case of withdrawal connection points does not have access to the system)
  • existence of a "server communication" found in the intranet office that point can connect to "remote", which require:
    • Windows licences 2003/2008 Server Standard Edition and a Terminal Server package for every five users on the premises (not count the number operators on the sites)
    • one computer which is not used in licensed premises of the beneficiary with Window XP or Vista
    • or other techical solutions that allow remote access in to "remote"


Advantages of online solution is data integrity at all time (working on a single database) and avoid problems caused by specific problems of processing off-line (establish specific working methods, negotiating conflicts operating, accommodate operators working methods).


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