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This module was designed to help companies who activate in the field of public nutrition (restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, clubs) and allows the registration of orders by waiters, without requiring prior knowledge of operating. The software allows working with either the keyboard and/or mouse, but also with touch-screen's (special screens that can take commands from the user at the touch of your finger - instead of the mouse or keyboard) which speeds up data entry.

The module allows configuration of the restaurant by setting the following aspects:

  • rooms that form de restaurant: name, number of tables and the responsabile for each room
  • tables: table position in the rooms, their size and setting of different colors to highlight each meal status (busy, reserved, pending order, order closed, etc...)

All operatins can be related to a specific person, so check the system offers the posibillity of further sales of each employee achievements. Also, the Restaurant module has a system of data protection by attaching a password for each waiter. Also in this mode can set the user rights: modification, delete commands, etc... .
Allows printing orders on a printer, usually located in the kitchen and/or bar. The system automatically split the command on bar and kitchen articles. At any moment can change a pending order until the order is close. The program also allows you to send bills to the cash register.


WinMENTOR Restaurant is an independent executable, database are integrated with the system. The application require de Extended version of the system.



Useful Informations:

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