Built-in report generator application is not an independent module, it is part of each module containing a set of reports for each one.


Although at first glance seems an insignificant feature of the system, report generator make sense of information allowing lists to form the desired configuration. To mention a few features:

  • reports which refer to documents (see the example image with supply due) allow with a right click to open the document behind (here would open bill number 519.201 in the form that was introduced with the items from invoice and details)
  • reports column can be changed
    • can eliminate the unnecessary
    • you can add other columns in a lists of available columns
    • you can set the numer of digits of numeric columns
    • column width is user settable by a simple drag and drop
    • you can change the column header (even in an other language! ... if you need)
    • size, color, adjust font style as in other Windows applications (Word)
    • you can change the background, screen ruling that table
    • you can add calculated columns (as in Excel)



  • general caracteristics, the header and the end of document can be modified so:
    • you can configure a report in german,...
    • you can insert a BMP with firm header on documents (invoices, suplly,...)
    • you can conceive your own observations, signatures on each document
  • informations filtering allows restriction list (for example i only want to see debts of more than 500 RON) 
  • sorting information to establish the order in which to display information
  • group list allows you to get subtotals needed (in the example above list is grouped by partner)
  • save new version (Save As...) allows you to have multiple versions of the same report set (timetable clients grouped by partner, timetable customers grouped by agents, timetable for the director amount >5000 RON, timetable clients in english for partner of Montenegro, etc.)
  • export list to Excel, DB, DBF, HTML, TXT, etc. that in 95% of cases you will not needed (because configuration and additional column you can do here)
  • graphics to a single button press



To enjoy all features of list module we recommend Extended version. For an extension of reporting facilities in the area WinMENTOR OLAP and Business Intelligence we recommed Hyper Analyzer.


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