WinMENTOR Production



Designed to meet the users who have developed the production activity, the module allows the user to assist in achieving the following successive stages:

  • preparation manufacturing - load consumption of materials, of labor, waste production, technological route determination in the specific consumption (recipe) in the system.



  • production launch - development of domestic production orders and generate daily or monthly production program



  • tracking material consumption and production made



  • recording and tracking report for each employee labor production or band working order, the operation



  • transmission of this monthly achievements of employees in PAYROLL module, to provide defalut performance indicators of wages in accordance  
  • semi-automatic registration of unfinished production
  • achieving record production - made at the control deviation in terms of domestic consumption of materials and labor, the stage of manufacturing monthly program, status of preparing orders from customers
  • postcalcul variants of the monthly production schedule for manufacturing (direct costs, indirect shoop floor, sector, activity, general indirect costs overall cumulative and not included costs with data acquisition of payroll module regarding the consumption of labor.


  • if you want to process only customer vouchers and teaching notes in WinMENTOR, you need not only WinMENTOR STANDARD version (in this case we recommend WinMENTOR Extended).
  • where besides customer bills and teaching notes you want to use specific consumption and launch commands, you don't need the production module, will be enough WinMENTOR Extended.
  • in case you need the Extended facilities of specific consumption, if you want to highlight labor you need the Production Report recording unfinished production, if you want to assign indirect costs to get a costing (postcalcul) products you need this production module from WinMENTOR suite.


The Production module work only with the Extended version of the system.



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