WinMENTOR Fleet module



"Fleet" subsystem is the newest module, integrated in WinMENTOR in 2010.

General benefits of the application:


1. Fleet evidence: 

  • technical data

  • engine

  • load

  • specific consumption

  • correction factors of specific consumption 

  • tires

  • permits/documents

  • intervention plan




The application warns the user through specific reports on the following events: 

  • Used tires
  • Licences / documents (RCA, ITP, CASCO,medical kit, fire extinguisher, rovigneta, etc)
  • Service need (distribution belt, maintenance requirement, interventions planned by user, etc)



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2. Evidence of the journey:

  • obvious paths 
  • feeds evidence
  • adjusted real consumption records:
    • transported load
    • road category
    • favorabile/unfavorabile weather
    • increase towing
    • air resistance
    • special equipment (climat, fridge)
  • route record





U s e f u l  i n f o r m a t i o n s:


The Fleet module only work with Extended version of the system.

Application price is 249 EUR + VAT single user version and 449 EUR + VAT network version



 WinMENTOR general offer price 



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