WinMENTOR Commercial



This module aims to support the commercial and purchasing departament:


1. Commercial departament 


  • Tender
  • Customer orders
  • Customer contracts
    • subscription contracts
    • commercial contract as delivery
    • installment sales contract
    • leasing contracts with beneficiaries
  • Automated billing of subscription contracts
  • Trade statistics on:
    • top sales and top customers in Ron or foreign currency
    • profit on the invoice, the client, the agent... in Ron or foreign currency
    • debtors clients on management, the articles or classes of articles
    • sales situation on agents, on article, on class article based delivery of customer
    • sales daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
    • sales and revenue tracking of supplier
    • unfiled orders compared with the existing stock
    • dozens of configurable reports


Offer printed may contain elements characteristic to the company (header, format, language, etc.)


 Registration condition of a lease payment


2. Purchasing departament


  • Supplier offers evidence
  • Necessary supply calculation
    • by minimum and maximum stock rule
    • by average daily sales
  • Generation, editing and printing (printer, fax, PDF in your language) orders to suppliers
  • Commercial contracts with suppliers
  • Installment contracts
  • Leasing contracts
  • Trade statistics on:
    • Stock reserved
    • Critical stocks, being exhausted, old
    • Forecast stock and stock rotation speed
    • Top suppliers
    • Comparison of providers offers
    • Subunits orders
    • Dozens of configurable reports


Supply needs report in standard form


Order from the supplier makes an automated calculation based on offer information



  • Only for track of the orders you don't need the Commercial module. However, for many reports available, we recommend purchasing this module.


Commercial module works only with the Extended version of the system.


Useful informations:


  WinMENTOR prices


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