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Componet "cash register" of WinMENTOR's suite allows the connection between WinMENTOR and PC driver of cash register. Cash register spread among companies after approval of law 64/2002 dated governing how companies sell products and services to the population. It requires that any company that sales or provides to individual shall issue the equivalent collecting evidence using technical devices taxed like cash register, POS printers or taxed. Letter of the law provides that such tax receipts printed by the device will be taxed to contain among other names of products and services sold.


About connections, there are 3 ways of cooperation between cash register and computer:



In practice the method "keyboard emulation" proved to be most effective, communication errors and differences due to their beeing the lowest.


WinMENTOR can work with all three variants with more cash registers. In emulation method we have the following cash register recognized by the application: Sapel, Datecs, Optima m, Euro, Optimus, Heat, Active, Elka. 


Component cash register is not a stand alone application, its facilities are integrated in the MENTOR module and works including in the Standard version of the system.


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