WinMENTOR allows correlation of payments and receipts with primary documents who generated the obligation of payments or receipt. In case of payments or receipts in currency it automatically registers the currency.

Among the many facilities offered we remember these:

  • Registration of monetary retail can be made both global value and quantitative value.
  • You can highlight banking operations in progress (bill, check, promissory note etc.), they will be accounted on the user accounts established legal.
  • Cash advances are settled by payments made from cash register company, refunds and justify the amounts spent.
  • You can print cash books and bank in Ron or foreign currency; amounts under settlement can be printed separately for receipts or payment in progress, emphasizing the real or probable date of settlement.
  • Deductions of internal/external displacement can be processed in WinMENTOR (are printed the travel orders/delegates).
  • Allows customers view (suppliers) that exceeded either the period of payment (with or without checks, promissory notes of receipts/payment ), either using a expected maturity (a more real maturity, full user).
  • Evidence built by cataloging past days of time due (0, 1-7, 8-15, 16-21, 22-30, 31-60, … days late).
  • Operational obvious “payable/receivable today”, "Checks and promissory notes submitted today".



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