Documents collection related to to inventory and services records are made on specialezed models with a desgin that respect the graphic printed forms:


  • inputs of stock or services bills, expedition notes, tax bills, acquisition bills, emphasizing the differences found at the reception and priniting the reception notes (separately on each management) appropiate;
  • import inputs (DVI) with automatic calculation of import prices and include all its components (transport, insurance, customs fees etc.);
  • inflow from the production
  • outputs in consumption with automatic takeover of specific consumption launched in production for domestic orders and printing the consumption bills;
  • sales of stocks or services highlighted on sales agends with invoice printing or the corresponding delivery notes;



  • stock transfer beetwen management, stock modification (recording price changes, increasing or decreasing stock), with printing the transfer notes, expedition bills or minutes;
  • rigorous organization of inventories, printing minutes of finding differences;
  • evidence of suppliers offer and general companies offers, also the evidence of subscription in process;
  • evidence of supplier orders and customers orders (automatically overtaken from offers), printing the invoices, orders, offers (on printer or directly on beneficiary fax);
  • evidence of unarrived invoces, related to inputs advices from suppliers and bills drawn.


WinMENTOR register any type of discount with the possibility to distribute discount prices from suppliers and automatic generation of discounts for sales according to invoice value, transactions closed with the client, amount billed to a customer or invoice deadline payment. For all type of sales can track the payment terms, real date of payments and increases of late payments.



WinMENTOR helps in formation of sales price of products and goods, facilitating the composition of sales scenarios and categorization of customers on different criteria, sales strategies, promotions, campaign.
Recording primary information from suppliers and customers (price offers, contracts, subscriptions) have an important rol both monetary assessment of the need for supplying, in preparation of the antecalculation price in production in formation of orders to suppliers and in evaluating the companie's financial situation (cash-flow).


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