WinMENTOR fully solve the problem of stocks, closely with the accounting aspect. Here are some characteristics of stock functions:


  • evidence many management quantity of value or global value:
  • automatic stock discharge based on some known method: FIFO, LIFO, CMP, specific identification (IDS) or accounting method “k”;
  • stock articles nomenclature is compact (for inputs with different prices for the same article (it doesn't create new position in momenclature) and divizible by using framing classes and attributes to characterize;
  • possibility to automatic registration a four charges associated for each stock article (for example the automatic calculation of agends commission even in cases of differentiated fees on ecah stock article);
  • multiple and alternative units , with automatic transformation of quantity and price based on specific parts;
  • series evidence (per piceor per batch), warranty terms and expiry dates;
  • global value evidence, the application calculated the factor price differences.



Stock reports cover the informations needs:

  • interior sheet accounting (individual positions on ech input price)
  • interior sheet administration (cumulative positions on articles)
  • inventory balance
  • management value and quantity value raports
  • stock to third parties
  • stock distribution



Stock inventory appears as a chapter defined in WinMENTOR, the application provides an framework corect and easy for inventory:

  • generate a raport provided for manual inventory (if is desired withount mentioning the scriptiv stock)
  • rapid collection of the differences found in inventory
  • automatic generation and accounting of minutes according to increases and decreases of stock




Useful and elegant alternative to inventory can be barcode scanners. WinMENTOR application allows to takover informations from mobile scanners. More details in romanian here.


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