For rapid identification of partners there is the possibility to split them in framing class based on curent operational needs.

WinMENTOR keeps in partners nomenclature only one registration regardless of the currency transaction or accounting type of the partner (supplyer, suppliers of property, prepaid provider, supplyer - invoices unarrived, client, client received in advance, client - invoices); depending on the model in which is used the partner, whether is a supplier or a customer, the program identify the accounting type, appropiate for treating corect the concret case proposed for solving.

  • Based on customers loans, WinMENTOR report the situation where a output document has exceeded the limit that the customer have the right to buy without paying the old debts.
  • Depending on the transactions volume recorded in time with a client, the program allows for automatic discounts for each stock article or sold service.
  • You can consult at any moment the month or annual clients and suppliers sheet in lei or currency, suppliers or clients ballance, situation of unpaid suppliers or customers debts.
  • WinMENTOR allows working with external partners (currency transactions), also conducting compensation operations with third parties based on compensation protocol.
  • Termination of payments obligation or receipts from partners can be made in a foreign currency different than the currency that generate the obligation.
  • List of monthly receipts from customers allows the evidence of obligations receipts on classes ofpartners or on sales agends who mediated the sales.
  • Partners can be highlight on work centres (delivery offices), the nomenclature allows keeping the phone book in WinMENTOR.



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