Most economic processes  which involve accounting records are counted automatically by the system. So, without any additional press of a button, will be accounted in balance sheet all the documents: invoices, receipts, opinions, consumer bills, records of stock and price modification, stock discharge, regulation of currency diferention, salaries, closing the income and expenditure accounts, closing VAT, all executing in the system automaticallybased on rules (we call them constants and accounting characterization) set at first together.


Accounting records made automatically by the program can be completed, evetualy, with accounting notes (eg: for formation expenses, profit sharing, tax on dividends etc).


WinMENTOR offers you the posibility to introduce the chart of accounts on your company's specific. In this chart account you can use analyticals on an unlimited numbers of levels. Ask us the need to create them that very much of them are already created:

  • at 401, 404, 408, 409, 4111, 418, 419,... automatically created an "analytical" when you intorduce the partner name (client or supplier) in the system
  • at 301, 3021,..., 371,... will be given automatically an "analytical" stock and article after every documents movement, so in most cases will be enought the initial system details 
  • at 5311, 5121, 5124, ... automatically created an "analytical" house / banck (after cases) and currency
  • at 542 automatically created an "analytical" when you introduce a new person.

Preset accounting of WinMENTOR application helps you at a fast commissioningsystem.


General accounting results are updated periodically to legislative changes:

  • journal register
  • chips account, chess chips and big book
  • balance sheet



WinMENTOR aims not to replace the accountants, but helping accounting activity:

  • unwilling to determine profit/ income and to transfer the amounts at state automatically
  • dosen't check and doesn't corect the legislative correlations in balance sheet without you agreed
  • will not sign the accounting statements required
  • will not stand in line at the Finance Department


WinMENTOR is not an accountant but a tool that helps them work ... accountant, administrator, analyst, censor, sales manager, sales agends, acquisition manager, manufacturer manager, and not the last to general manager to see his entire activity.


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