WinMENTOR Analysis



Analysis Module allows you to define and record an "other accountancy", management records based on receipts and payments (cash-flow record).


The user can define his own set of elements needed for analysis (typs of collections and typs of payments-Chart of Account, which can develop descriptors (multidimensional analytical) analysis required depending on the desired depth.


Descriptors can be values removed from the catalogs application (Partners, Park Auto, Personal Nomenclature etc) or can be defined by user.


Elements of analysis can be organized into one or more analysis centers (~ balance sheet) that can attach to one or more WinMENTOR database (holding facility).


Operation data can be made when placing them in the application (home, bank, settlement justification, other models wich reflect a monetary movement) by double-clicking on the model or later.


Data operation can be:

  • automated: based on some stencils defined by user automatically launches a routine which complete automatic the reference models in Expert (can be used if we don't have atypical decriptors and the analysis element is coresponding with other transactional elements).  
  • manual: each monetary movement is sent by double-clicking in Expert module, the user selecting the analysis item and filling the values of those descriptors which "Expert" is unable to "guess".



To element analysis can attach expected values (projections, targets, budgets) and as data processing Analysis module can offer a comparison of their actual achievements. 


Also, the Analysis module can deliver you answers:

  • where my money went?
  • how much i paid for company's computerization? (accounting can't answer you because components are highlighted in several accounts: computers and licences for fixed assets and other items as inventory or supplies, computer services lie into 628 with "health services" and other information items were accounted for as "management services".
  • how much we collected and how much we paid for project X?
  • what did I paid for X car? (grouped on fuel, insurance, spare parts, repairs...?)  
  • the receipts and the payment I had with employee X (collections agent, pay commision, salary, allowance, fuel...?)


These are just some exemples, you formulate your questions...

The Analysis module only works with Extended version of the system.



Useful information:


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