WinMENTOR Installation 



The WinMENTOR installation services usually are made by a consultant at the beneficiary and the services are included on the aquisition price, installation services being incorporated in implementation packages of the system. In case of upgrades the installation costs are included too.


The installation is makeing on computers prepared by the beneficiary (with operating system Windows 2000, XP, Vista installed and functional, functional network, internet access, cash register contected to the computer). In cases where the beneficiary claims to the consultant the computer tranining and / or other equipments, will aquire a service package accordind to services "Commissioning technical equipment".


 WinMENTOR software packages delivered to the beneficiary contain:

  • Installation CD that includes:
    • a recent version of WinMENTOR software package
    • application's user manual in electronic format
    • other additional documentation
  • the application contracts
  • the HASP key needed to work the system
  • license to use the WinMENTOR software package (to be send after full payment of the value of liceses)


Once with application installation usually run next:

  • WinMENTOR softare package delivery
  • WinMENTOR application installation
  • Mlaunch installation
  • presentation of the possibilities of access to the internet
  • training of the maintenance operations of application 
    • saving and restoring data
    • setting up users and access rights
    • service procedures in emergency
  • signing the acquisition contracts and related services


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