Detalied analysis is an optional service from the implememtation services category. Analysis services suppliments the general implementation services by increasing the consultant input to parameterize in WinMENTOR the specific procedures of the beneficiary.


Recommended to beneficiaries who has:

  • complex activities with specific procedures
  • production activities with the parameterization request postcalcul production (in special to companies who didn't made a postcalcul or where doesn't exist a functional organization in the company)
  • companies who wish expert module implementation
  • executing analysis application in different enviroment of data management (executing programs, OLAP cubes, Excel analysis, others)


Analysis may precede the implementation of a system with the target:

  • drowing up a datasheet
  • feasibility study
  • developement analysis


Detalied analysis services can be made during the implementation system or after through aquisition of a dedicated package.


Services usually run at the beneficiary but also at consultant center through all ways of providing existing services.


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