Subscriptions and service packages



We offer several ways of collaboration presented in the following:


 1. Fixed subscription


Economic and information service can be purchased as a classic monthly subscription, a package with a fixed value which includes telephone support, online support via internet and a number of interventions at the beneficiary.


At any time of the year this is the first priority subscription for the consultant.


Services packages are negotiable based on exact requirements of the beneficiary by bilateral estimating the monthly effort and presentation the beneficiary expectations for services request.



2. Help Desk Flexible subscription


It is the most common form of subscription of our company and this is the second priority for consultant. The initiative rests with the recipient. The service must be request! Includes support service by phone, internet acces and interventions at the beneficiary for maintaining the curent application.

Service fees and methods of calculation 


These services fall into two categories:

  • phone consulting Help Desk Passive will be billed at the rate of X Ron/month. "X" Value is given by the "category" (the complexity) of the beneficiary. Find the X value asking us a personalized offer.
  • maintenance interventions and request internet access will be invoiced at the end of the month based on intervention sheet, according to the following calculation grid:


Active 1
Active 3
Active 5
Active 8
Active 12
Active 16
Active 20
Active 25
0,5-1,5 ore
2-3,5 ore
4 - 6 ore
6,5-9 ore
9,5-13 ore
13,5-17 ore
17,5-20 ore
21,5-25 ore
Rate RON
+ x*0,5
+ x*1,25
+ x*2
+ x*3
+ x*4
+ x*5,25
+ x*6,5
+ x*8



3. Annual package of services


Designed for simplifying the procedure of settelment. The beneficiary pays the equivalent of a pack of x hours over a period for x months the subscription is valid until:

  • depletion period of development
  • depletion of hours of services subscribed


By these packages are available all forms of operation, phone consulting, interventions at the beneficiary, on-site activities, internet assistance.



4. Online support package


 The package is intended especially to beneficiaries who know well the application and only incidentally need help on the operation of the system or a advice to remedy the problems.


Online assistance take place excusively throught online support application in the form of service packages with limited numbers of hours:

  • 5 hours package, maximum duration of the event 6 months
  • 10 hours package, maximum duration of the event 12 months


Billed in advance for a period chosen by the beneficiary 6 or 12 months. Depletion before time, those 5 respectively 10 hours leads to contract termination.


Support services are provided to one person designed by the beneficiary. If the beneficiary request phone assistance and/or interventions during the contract they will bill overtime rate.



 5. Dedicated service packages


Designed for consulting with a purpose built, they can supplement or replace the temporary services subscription options:

  • 10 hours developed over a period of 15 days
  • 20 hours developed over a period of 30 days
  • 40 hours developed over a period of 60 days
  • 80 hours developed over a period of  90 days
  • 120 hours deveoped over a period of 120 days
  • 160 hours developed over a period of 150 days


Depending on the scope of services distinguish these packages:

  • economic analysis
  • additional schooling
  • computer



6. Occasional interventions 


Represents services rendered in the absence monthly subscription. Because the contact between the customer and consultant in these cases is rarely, the consultat doesn't know in detail how to work and the problems to date the beneficiary, as such in some cases can not guarantee good performance of the services. They will pay cash immediately after the service at a hour fee established.


Occasional interventions represent the last priority for consultant.


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