Mentor: General ledger and stock



The principal module of the application provide users an integrated system by integrating all functions in automated tax accounting.



WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE ensurance the possibility of introducing a chart of accounts, specific to your company. With these adjustments, you can use analytics on unlimited number of levels. For each firm, it is possible to configure accounting records accounting to its specific activity.

The software automatically calculates the coficient of the differences within the price of goods, and autumatically closes the revenue, the expenses and the VAT accounts.

For joint venture companies, the software provides the percentage distribution of the incomes and the costs. As the bookkeeping records are performed automatically, the software also generates their explanations. Various accounting notes 9eg. formations of expenses, profit sharing and tax on dividends) may complete the accounting entries automatically performed by the software. It is possible to obtain a consolidated balance sheet firms within a group.

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WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE fully resolves the inventory records, in terms of accounting. Here are some features:

  • Flexible description of the items by using attributes which can detail all their characteristics; at any time, it is possible to switch from working with attributesto working without them, and their list can also be changed anytime;
  • Records divided in subunits, multimanagement by quantity-value or global-value methods.
  • Automatic stock adjustment through all the classical management methods: FIFO, LIFO, WAC (weighted average cost), specific identification;
  • The nomeclature of inventory items is compact (differentprices inputs for the same articole do not create new posistions within the nomenclature)
  • possibility to automatically record four associated taxes for each stock item;
  • Quick identification of items in stock by using classification classes and characterization attributes;
  • Use of multiple measuring units, inculding automatic conversion of quantity and price based upon specified parties, and stock managemet according to packaging/storage measuring units;
  • Registration by series, warranties and expiry dates
  • Calculting the coefficient of the price differences for the gloabl-value accounting method;
  • Describing multiple prices and using them according to commercial criteria;
  • Describing certain features depending on monthly validity criteria;
  • Defining similar articles and using them on documents
  • Automatically updating the pharmaceuticals items classifications according to the Ministry of Health's lists


Solving documents related to stock and services registration is made on specialized layouts, very much like the standard forms. Possibilities:

  • Inventory enteries or service invoices, shipping notices, acquisition vouchers, highlighting the differences noticed at reception and printing corresponding reception notes;
  • Import entries (ICD - import customs declaration) and automatic calculation of import price, witj all its components (taxes and customers fees, excises, etc);
  • Entries from own production
  • Consumption outputs, with the automatic takeover of the specific consumptions related to internal orders launched into production, and the printing of customers vouchers;
  • Sales of goods or product from stock, or sales of services highlighted by sales agents, with the printing of invoices or shipping notices;
  • Export sales with invoice printing
  • Stock items transfer between managements, stock changes (registration price change, increasing or decreasing the stock, changing stocking features) and printing trasfer notes or delivery notices;
  • Track of invoices to be received/to be issued, according to the supplier's input/outputnotices;


WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE can record any type of discount; it can distribute suppliers discounts according to prices and can automatically generate sales discounts, depending on the voucher's value, the amount of deals closed with the client, the quantity ordered by a customer or the invoice payment deadline.

For all type os sales documents, the terms of payment and the delay in payment increases can be tracked.


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WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows a categorization into classes, depending on current operating needs and for a quick identification of the partners.

The software package keeps a single record within the partnerss nomenclature, regardless of the transaction currency or the partners accounting type (suppliers, fixed assets suppliers, paid in advance suppliers, to-be-received-invoices suppliers, customers, advance receipts from customers, invoices-in-preparation customers); depending on a partner's layout, whether a supplier or a customer, the software identifies the suitable accounting type in order to properly manage it.

  • All partners transaction (documents, payments, collection, compensation) can be registered on premises (working sites);
  • Based on the credit granted to a client, WinMENTOR Enterprise points out the cases in which an output document exceeded its credit
  • The software allows automatic discounts for every inventory item or service sold, depending on how far away the client is chosen payment terms, the number of transactions recorded in time with that client or any already granted associated discounts;
  • Monthly or annual suppliers/customers reports can be consulted at any time, in RON or any other currency, the same goes for suppliers/clientsscales, unpaid suppliers or indebted customers.
  • WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows working with foreign partners (transactions in foreign currencies), conducting clearing operations withthird parties based on compensation written record
  • The customers monthly income list keeps track of payment obligations cessation, by partner classes or by agents who brokered the sales;
  • Settling partners payment or cashing obligations can also be done in a different currency than the one generating these liabilies.



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WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows aconnecting payments and receipts to the primary documents that generated the payments or collection obligation. Facilities:

  • Foreign currency payments and receipts are accompanied by automatic recording of exchange rate variations;
  • Highlights the ongoing banking operations (bills, checks, promissory notes, etc.)
  • Completely manages cash advances through payments, refounds and the justification of the amounts spent
  • Offers the possibility of regularizing the foreign curreency balances (cash register/bank, partners, personnel)
  • Prints the cash and bank registers in RON or foreign currencies. Pending settlement amounts can be printed separately for current receipts or payments, highlighting the actual or likely settlement date.



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