Prelimiary personalized offer 



Do not rely on conjecture or others opinion, find out how much cost WinMENTOR Enterprise application for you business!To ask us an offer doesn't means any financial obligation and doesn't imply any further disturbance call if you refused to continue the arrangements for purchase. Contract details will be treated confidentially.


The offer will includes all the financial and organizational elements according to commissioning the system:

  • short description of company which will ensure the implementation
  • financial offer of the system
  • payment: discounts, promotions, variants rates, rental or financing!
  • services included in the price
  • optional service fees (database retrieval, services for networking, etc.)
  • subsequent service fees (packages and subscription maintenance)
  • list of references from your company area.



Ask us a personalized offer! Contact us or complete and send us the from below:



Date applicant:


Name Surname:   Company:  


City:    E-mail:  


Phone:    Fax number:




The company is the offical user of WinMENTOR Classic  No  Yes.


The company is owner of   Oracle database licenses.



Basic module WinMENTOR Enterprise required:


 General Ledger & Stock (MENTOR) on  workstation.


 Connection mode Cash register on   workstation.


 Fixed Assets on  workstation.


Car Fleet on  workstation.

Commercial  standard or  extended on  workstation.


 Manufacturing  standard or  extended on  workstation.

 Cash Flow (Expert) standard or  extended on  workstation.


The need of other functional WME module (Retail/POS, Satellite, Doc-imp-server) is determined together with the consultant and is not part of the pre-bidding system. See here differences between standard and extended application.





Additional application required:


1.  Soft PDA for agents, inclusive  PDA's for a number   agents.


2.  Deposit Soft, inclusive  scannersfor a number  handyman.


3. Application  WinMENTOR Sallaries or  Zucchetti HR for   employees.


4. A solution  Business Intelligence analysis for data OLAP







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