Satellite: Remote workstations



Process data from remote workstations (those subunits, branches, deposits that are not part of the office intranet) have the following solutions for incorporating data into company database:

  • Offline Method - through satellite module - that allows proccessing data in two or more databases without internet and their occasional coupling 
  • Online Method - without satellite module - internet access is based on both the office and working points and a way of connecting the working points to company's server


1. Offline Method


The satellite module of WinMENTOR suite represent the offline solution to proccess data from the working points and requires:

  • Installing the WinMENTOR Enterprise application at the office and WinMENTOR Satellite at the working points, which can be:
    • application with Oracle database
    • application with Borland-Paradox database
  • creation and initialization of the database at the company as a single database
  • creation of the "satellite" in the application, ie remotes subunits and attaching the administrations, partners, articles, treasury uits, stock and balances on each site
  • creating the database"daughter" from database "mother", synchronize data with that, commisioning the"daughter" databases at the company's working points
  • datas operating (there are restrictions!) current (inputs, outputs, transfers, orders...) the working points by their employess and sending those occasional at "base" (sending can be through FTP, mail, CD/DVD, USB, practicalevery one file must reach our office)
  • reception datas at baseand their coupeling in the database "mother".



Satellite application successfully treated by a set of rules which will be acquired by the user specific issues proccessing data at distance:

  • amendament to the documents recorded by satellite
  • amendament to the satellite the articles names and the partners intridyced at base
  • sending from base to satellite the incomes/payments madein company bank account statements which are proccessed at base
  • sending electronic the expediton notes between base and satellite,and between company's satellites


Satellite solution involves a set of restrictions on the working points (changing the chart of account, adding bank accounts, etc), restriction that allows using the method also between firm (like satellite) and accounting office (base) for a commom processing of accounting informations:

  • primary accounting data (invoices, consumption bills ... eventualy incomes/payments) are processed at the company (base)
  • genral accounting (salaries, redemption, ... eventualy incomes/payments ..., specific operation months closures) is processing at the accounting office (base)


2. Online Method


Is a remote access method of the working point on a"server communication" of the company, avoids the use of satellite module and doesn't need any other licenses from the manufacturer.

The beneficiary has to resolve the acess to data which includes:

  • existance of stable internet connection to all workstation (in case of withdrawal the workpoints doesn't have access to the system)
  • existance of a "communication server" found in the office intranet that point can connect "remote" and requiring:
    • be Windows lincenses 2003/2008 Server Standard Edition and one package of Terminal Server for every 5 users at workstations (counts the number of operators and not the working point)
    • one computer not used in the premises of beneficiary with lincense WindowsXP or Vista for every operator from distance
    • or other technical solution that allow remote acces


Advantages of online solution is data integrity at any time (working on a single database) and avoid problems caused by specific problems of offline processing (establish specific working methods, negotiation  of conflic operating, accommodation operators working methods).


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