Lists: WME reports




Order by ascending / descending values from any column, grouping lines by commom values in the column, line filter conditions from list, centralized automatic and other similar operations can be configurated by user according to the needs arising in operating software packages. The lists and reports module allows the rapid formatting of several columns simultanously.

It is possible to centralize the reportsnaccording to certain column (fields) and obtain faster-generating synthetic reports. One list can expand entirely or by certain groups allowing access to its essence (regular lines).

When the same list needs saving grouping, filtering and different configurations in order to respond to certain demands, the user can serve several versios of the original list, so that the specific names appear in the reports module menu at the same level as the original report delivered with WinMENTOR Enterprise.

The reports include three saving modes: local save, commom save and lists storage save. When accessin a list from menu, it there are saves available the user can choose the listing mode: the newly generated list, uploading a previously saved list or uploading all users.



The lists are initially created with a limit number of columns (fields). depending on the activity's specificity other columns., already existing in the database, could be necessary. The user can add them by choosing from a list of possible columns, called additional columns.

The user can schedule the generating/printing of several lists (job lists) at certain time and date and periodically.

Certain obtainable lists:

  • accounting reports: trial balance in RON or foreign currency for the entire company or for subunits cumulative balance by firm group, accounting records log register, analytical account sheet, accounting relating matrix, ledger, income and expenditure by divisions/activities in RON or foreign currency, joint venture compensations, financial statements;
  • VAT reports: acquisitions journal, store income register
  • Cash and bank reports: cash and bank register (RON or foreign currency), payment reports and collections in course of settlement (bill, check, promissory note), etc.
  • inventory reports: input lists from suppliers (including imports, detailing how to calculate the import price) or from qwn production, raw materials specific consumption, sales reports, inventory balance, management report.
  • reports on suppliers/customers/ treasury advances: supplier/customer datasheet, suppliers/customers balance, settlement datasheet, advances to settlement balance, list of unpaid suppliers, indebted customers, entire from customers, payments to suppliers, etc.



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