Online Orders: B2B



The Online Orders module is a Web-based application server and requires previous installation of IIS Web server. The orders from customers function allows a client to register orders in the database via a web browser, selecting ordered items from inventory registered within the WinMENTOR Enterprise database. The user can consult the status of the orders he issued, obtaining reports of the amounts accepted by the supplier, the amounts already billed and those to be invoiced. The informations get automatically in  WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE database through Doc-Imp-Server.


This application is one of B2B application (business to business), meaning is addressed to firm's partners, operating commends from a site authentication. We want to emphasizethat it is NOT a B2C application (business to customer), ie IS NOT an online store that would allow to order from every visitor. 




We will present in the following a study case: 


Country Elements Ltd company from Satu Mare (G.M. Italy partner) produce furniture in Satu Mare. The most important partners of the company have an access code on the site, section "Online Orders" (presentation site itself is not part of the application "online orders")



... and place orders on the basis of attributes (in their case "scocca", "cuscinatura", "cuscini"). In other profile activity we have other attributes...


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The orders saved in application "Online Orders" arrived automatically in WinMENTOR Enterprise at menu Orders from customers, where a human operator will determine the amount accepted and delivery time acceptable to the company producing:


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Based on confirmation made by the operator in WinMENTOR Enterprise, order recipient will be notify by solution  "Online Order" the accepted quantities and delivery terms agreed:


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The prices and partners descriptions ar NOT real. End of story.


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