Designed to accommodate the users who have developed their production activity, the module offers the possibility of assisting them succeding the following steps:


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The implementation of production application is based on an analysis (case study), upon which determinate the PARTICULAR operating mode of the beneficiry.



The main operating facilities



1. Manufacturing preparation - loading materials and handicraft for each product

  • composed articles
  • complex projects



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2. Define scenarios in production launched




3. Simulation scenarios in production launched


Are designed to help the production manger to determine reeases to be made. WinMENTOR offer plenty of choices  on which we can simulate a launched into production, depending on the particularities on each branch of production and the beneficiary. Define production scenarios may be by geographical distribution of orders from customers (particulary case), determination may be possible depending on the installed (based on stocks or reserved stocks existing on the order). Also, the procedure ensures the calculation of delivery time .


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4. Stock reservations


Customers orders can reserve stock of row materials for a command in the system:


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5. Determination of supplied and automatic editing of orders to supplies


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The procedure is performed in several successive stages, step by step assisted by WinMENTOR ERP System:

  • determining working methods
  • need of existing stock solution (where desired)
  • determening provider (preffered provider, supplier with lowest price, provider choise)


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  • reserve stock to be received later from the supplier


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6. Production available in stock (the case of series production) and production launched (production by orders)


Aimed at developing domestic production orders and generate monthly production program, manualy generated or automatically by the ERP system


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7. Tracking production


  • tracking materials and labor consumption and violations carried out at internal controlregarding the consumption of material and workmanship, the stage of monthly production program, status of preparing orders from customers, etc.
  • tracking labor performed and sending data to the application of pay (direct and indirect agreement)
  • tracking made production (particular case agriculture: bon finish weighting):


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  • postacalcul the monthly production schedule for manufacturing (with data taking from Salaries module consumption in terms of labor);



Production module facilities in WinMENTOR are available in 2 versions:



  • simple production (compound article recipe, internal order, consumption note, delivery notes, simple association sales, on a single level)


EXTENDED PRODUCTION ─ everything included in the STANDARD version, to which adds:

  • Complex projects (several levels recipe)
  • Launching scenarios
  • Production launching based on scenarios
  • Handicraft
  • The entire "Follow up" menu
  • Weightings
  • Manufacturing schedule


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