Service: System administration



Service module is FREE for any system acquisition and incorporates facilities for maintenance of the application. Maintenance functions allow application:

  • creation of databases (firms), segmentation, preservation, that deletion
  • database initialization, which requires manual collection of balances and stocks for the startimng moment data processing  :
    • partners balance
    • stock items
    • personal balance
    • house and bank account balance
    • accounting balance
  • creating users, groups and users right
  • view active users and blocking them
  • select language (romanian, english and soon hungarian) of the application


... is not only menu structure, but - in some cases - even the contentsof database!


  • definition and reprogramming the key, HASP protection
  • resolving failures (technical conflicts) of the system
  • recycle bin application to recover deleted data by mistake
  • regular saving and restoring databases
  • bars define buttons for quick access to models and lists the most commonly used
  • merging articles, partners, administration or localities if during processing we discover duplicates in the database
  • conversions large and small characters in reverse
  • other direct operations i database (design SQL statements)
  • access to the constants of the system


Maintenance facilities, lie in the module "Service" as well in menu "Various" from each module. reports provided by Service module helps us to:

  • identifying duplicates in databases
  • inventory check and balances partners after thier collection 
  • journal of operators 
  • different verification reports for logical records for accuracy



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