Doc-imp-server: Interface with other IT systems



DOC-IMP-SERVER is a distinct module functioning as a documents import server for projects aiming to interface various application with WinMENTOR Enterprise

It is a DCOM server containing functions that help:

  • consulting data from the WME database
  • updating catalogues or ssuing documents


The WinMENTOR Enterprise database structure is highly complex, which emphasizes the usefulness of such a server, allowing programmers to develop applications that perform data consulting and updating in absence of a significant knowledge of the WinMENTOR Enterprise data structures or the connections and relationship between tables. Data transfer between applications to be interfaced and DOC-IMP-SERVER is done through Olevariant data blocks, whici basically are string arrays containing information concatenated by ",".

Depending on the desired development specificity programmers receive -as a support- a project containing examples of DOC-IMP-SERVER connection and basic functions launched procedures. 

Functions to be used in a achieving desired results, as well as the structure used for data sending and receiving, will also be specified.

Among its 100 implemented functions, DOC-IMP-SERVER allows:

  • reading the items nomenclature
  • reading the partners nomenclature
  • reading thr divisions nomenclature
  • reading the personnel nomenclature
  • consulting inventory
  • consulting partners balance 
  • consulting nomenclature for price categories and price per item/customers
  • updating partners nomeclature
  • updating articles nomenclature
  • generating orders from customers
  • generating invoices and shipping notes to customers
  • generating invoices from internal or foreign suppliers (customs import declaration)
  • generating delivery notes to warehouse
  • generating consumption notes
  • generating transfers between devisions
  • generating cash inventories for retail sales.


Adds-on application on this site that use Doc-imp-server:



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