It works as a Business Intellienge connector which allows you to export the datas from WinMENTOR Enterprise (WME) to the BI application.


  • allows you to save under a dinamic name the printing jobs to storage the basic reports table. The avaibles parameters for makeing the dinamic name allows to introduce in the storage name the printing interval and the subunits printers.
  • you can storage list tables for each month and for each subunit, also you can concatenate the results for each subunit to obtain the annual list or cumulate for entire company without beeing needed to generate for closed months.
  • the DWH button of WME lists allow the acces to configurated lists through printing jobs directly form menu. In case there are storage lists, the WME asks the user by showing the existing storage, if the user wants the fast printing of an existing storage or wants to generate a new list.
  • allows to create personal lists which can be integrated in application menu and it works identically like native WME lists.
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