This module is designed for the marketing-sales departament, with the following specific features:

  • Registration of offers from suppliers and towards customers (upon validity intervals)
  • Keeping track of the orders issued for the suppliers and from the customers, with invoice printing
  • Using special layouts for rapidly preparing invoice generating documents, subunits outputs, divisions transfer and price changing papers
  • Generating and processing packages for delivery goods registred on different documents towards the same destination
  • Keeping track of the packages and ensuring the possibility of transportation costs distribution per items
  • Marking inventory items to be depleted and granting special discounts
  • Establishing promotional items and the possible discount granted automatically on sale


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Specific lists for the Commercial module:

  • Inventory: booked stocks, necessary inventory, critical stocks, stocks in course of depletion, stocks - expiry dates, idle inventory, stocks by age, inventory forecast, stocks rotation
  • Customers/suppliers: top customers, top suppliers
  • Stock movements: top sales, profit by items, sales by item classes, periodis sales (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)


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  • Orders, offers
  • Documents generators
  • Agents sales targets
  • Quality cerificates
  • Sale price change
  • Depleting stock discount


COMMERCIAL EXTENDED ─ everything within the Standard version, to which add:

  • Sales;
  • Commercial contracts, leasing contracts, subscription contracts
  • Credit notes
  • The entire " Follow up" menu
  • The entire "Deliveries" menu
  • Blocked stocks
  • Promotional items general discounts
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