Cash register



This module was created for cash register users, being interfacef with most type of such devices currently on the market. Due to the constant dynamics of these devoces, please contact us for the complete list of cash registers compatible with WinMENTOR Enterprise and for the specific working processes supported by them (offline, offline on extended memory, keybord emulation).

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Main features:

  • Taking over the managed divisions stocks (at first directly from the inventory and then from reception transactions or by internal transfer) 
  • editing the Z report along with the monetary generator and the actual changes by using WinMENTOR Enterprise 
  • providing sales report from the cash register at any time of day without interruption or influencing in any way its functionality


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Connections are known about three ways of cooperation between the cash register and computer.



In practice method "keybord emulation" proved to be the most effective, communcations error and differences due to their being are the lower. WinMENTOR Enterprisecan work in two of the following mentioned: OFFLINE and KEYBORD EMULATION, with more cash registers. In emulation method, we have the following cash register recognized by the application: Sapel, Datecs, Optima m, Euro, Optimus, Heat, Activa, Elka.



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