CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Manage customer relations, leads, being able to follow a history of each client on opportunities, offers, orders, contracts, bills, tasks, emails from that partner.


  • marketing campaigns - review of estimated costs and the real ones by confronting with input documents, orders, consumption
  • opportunities - can be defined all negotiation stages with a client, from presentation to sale/loss of that customer. From opportunity may be generated the offer for the client, and in the negotiation stage can generate the client order and/or the contract, subscription mode.
  • the pllaning of agents activity inside the company can be registred/checked and quantified with tasks help. It allows automatic checking of an employee availability when you asign a task, depending on other open or unsolved tasks that each user has, as well as the number of hours availables/day. When closing a task, the module allows the generation of an estimate service.
  • inside the company, the agents can be warned through posts or emails if there is any execution term in a certain number of days and it can be followed their activity and the workload by tracking tasks on each employee separatelly
  • competition tracking 


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