WME ERP works with the BI appilcation HyperAnalyzer.

The integration with this is complete by adding the analysis menu direct fro WME lists. Purchasing the BI application allows to use a dashboard predefined in HyperAnalyzer.


The BI application can the purchased in two modalitaties:


1. for the users who knows to configurate themselves the managements reports through B, although they will need:

  • Hyper Analyzer Developer licence (which automatically datas update by permanent pullout from the ERP) 
  • and (if it's necessary) Standard licence to view the analysis (licence per PC)


2. for users which don't have the possibility to make themselve the analysis: 

  • Hyper Analyzer Developer licence (which automatically datas update by permanent pullout from the ERP)
  • and (if it's necessary) Standard licence to view the analysis (licence per PC)
  • analyse stock licence, sales, aquisition (only one licence it's enough for a network)
  • conector BI Oracle (only one licence it's enough for a network)



Existing analysis:

    Hyper Analyzer Solutia BI pentru WME 

  • stock analysis (TreeMap)
  • old stock analysis
  • stock evolution 
  • sales analysis 
  • sales analysis per year
  • comparative sales analysis
  • purchasing analysis on year comparative 
  • price vs. additon vs. sales analysis 


We can develop by request any kind report with grafic illustation at high standards. 

To develop it is necessary to make a detalied analyse of your requests, after that we can establish a price.



The big advantage of this BI is that it can connect to any type of database , so beyond of the ERP system that you had previous, we can extract datas even from the company history!


For an personalized offer, do not hesitate to contact us!


If it's interes we can interface the WME ERP with ORACLE BI or QlickView BI.

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