MobInv: complet warehouse system management



Producer: Arobs Transilvania Cluj

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Solution: ****

Compatible: WinMENTOR, WinMENTOR Enterprise

Minimum configuration needed: Extins + Doc-imp-server


MobInv application is a mobile software solution for inventory , receptions, sales, campatible with WinMENTOR and WinMENTOR Enterprise by Doc-imp-server. MobInv is an IT management system which offers the user the possibility to control the warehouse activities


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1. Application components


ERP interface component

Update the informations about:

  • Products, suppliers, clients
  • Orders, invoice – documents

Update datas in ERP


MobInv PC component

Create/ allocate execution orders
Raports module
Execution order verification/ validation allocated to operators


MobInv PDA component

Order execution allocated by operator
Execute the order to rearrangement the goods in storage



2. Application modules

Input goods


  • suppliers (invoice readed by WinMENTOR interface or manually entered)
  • customers retur (invoice manually entered)


1. Scanning goods in reception zone to validate the bill
2. Storage goods (put away) – transfer from reception zone to stoarge area


Output goods


Based on orders interfaced with WinMENTOR

  • Booking orders (sending warning e-mails to suppliey departament)
  • Validation/ loading picking zone
  • Picking - FIFO




Storage inventory, location, article
Allocation execution orders at operators location level
Inventory difference raport
Exporting the inventory in WinMENTOR


Rearrangement goods


  • Transfer from reception area to storage
  • Transfer from storage in picking zone
  • Transfer from picking zone to delivery area


Transfer orders can be generated from MobInv application or created by operator direct from MobInv PDA application




Allows viewing/printing/saveing the define raports in CSV

Stock raports
Controling operators raports
Goods raports
Inventoty raports

Messaging and warnings

Allows sending messages between MobInvPC and mobInvPDA

  • New order
  • Finish orders


Additional options


Tracking lots and datas expiration
Tracking goods
Print labels with bar codes
Tracking operators activity (and operators inactivity)
Customize raports



3. Advantages and benefits


  • efficient organization of work in warehouse;
  • work organization and increase employee efficiency;
  • reduce errors;
  • professional services, prompt customer service;
  • efficient colletion of data in digital format, in a short time;
  • tracking stocks in storgae in real time;
  • help in organization and optimization of goods flux in warehouse;



Full solution!


Technical featurea (scanner + cradle + battery + others accessories) can be delivered by our company or can be purchase by beneficiary.